• CharmEtch -Dentkist -Korea


    CharmEtch-  37% 3 ml * 3 syringes
    Disposable tips


  • Etch-37™ w/BAC-Bisco-USA

    37% Phosphoric Acid Etchant with Benzalkonium Chloride
    Etch-37 w/BAC is a 37% phosphoric acid semi-gel etchant that is effective at quickly etching enamel and dentin. Etch-37 w/BAC is polymer-thickened and effectively removes the smear layer, etches and demineralizes enamel and dentin. It is easily manipulated into small areas such as endodontically treated root canals and undercuts. This makes it more versatile than some thicker gel etchants for etching all restorative surfaces. Published research proves that BISCO etchants produce higher bond strengths to (wet or dry) dentin1 and enamel.

    • Rinses away cleanly and quickly leaving no residue to interfere with bonding
    • Blue in color for easy visualization and contrast
    • Creates microretentive surface characteristics that are necessary for successful bonding.
    • New bulk syringe delivery system availabl
    • Contains benzalkonium chloride (BAC), an antimicrobial agent. In-vitro research shows it is effective against Actinomyces viscosus2.

    NOTE: Inclusion of BAC has not been shown to correlate with a reduction in secondary decay in patients. In-vivo clinical studies to evaluate the effects of BAC on oral bacteria or caries have not been performed.

    1. Kanca, J.J. “Etchant composition and bond strength to dentin”. Am J Dent 1993;6:162-164
    2. Dr. Daniel Chan, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio Dental School. Residual Effect of 1 and 2% Benzalkonium Chloride Incorporated into an Etchant on the Susceptibility of Actinomyces viscosus T14V. 1993