CharmFil®Flow A1-Dentkist -Korea

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– Low shrinkage (2.3%)
– High compressive     strength(330MPa)
– Good flow and wetting capability – Cervical and approximal filling
– Filling of anterior and posterior     area
– Useful application of Class
�� -��Cavity
– Luting of orthodontic brackets
– Natural esthetics shade (good translucent)
– Average filler size of 0.7 um (high color stability)
– Easy to application (good handling, control a flow)
– Substitution effect of sealant

– Highly radiopaque
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540 EGP


Light Curing Flowable Composite Resen

CharmFil Flow 2g * 2 syringes

Disposable tips

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CharmFil®Flow A1-Dentkist -Korea

540 EGP

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